Client Testimonials

We'd be nothing without our amazing clients - here are some wonderful words from them on their experiences with us.

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"Working with John has given me a safe space to talk and work with someone to keep my focused on my goals."

As well as talk through recent events and reflect and see how they can work towards the bigger picture. Thanks for your work.

Jeremy King

"Coaching with John has given me renewed focus and confidence at a point in my career when I really needed it."

Though I’m used to solving complex and abstract problems for clients on a daily basis, working with John has been a genuine 1 + 1 = 3 moment for me in my professional and personal development. I feel John really understands what makes me “me” (and that’s no mean feat).

Martin Malins

"I would recommend using John to anyone who works with a team and wants to understand why and how their team works best."

I’ve been working with John for about a year. Working with John has allowed me to understand how to get the get the most out of myself and my team, by utilising our strengths. This has allowed the business to steadily grow and develop.

Christian Caswell, Top Chiropractic

"I just wish I’d have met John years ago to have applied this knowledge in my previous businesses."

After working with John for a short period of time he helped me to understand not only my strengths, but also the parts of business I enjoyed. It is such a valuable insight that is being put to great use in my next venture.

Stuart Ploughman, Serial Entrepreneur

"It felt like the good things I accomplished was luck and the rest I felt inadequate or like I was winging it."

Prior to my coaching with John I felt often lost at work. Now when I'm working I know my qualities and what skills I bring to the table. I can confidently bring something to my workplace and home life and feel huge confidence when I step forwards every day.

Dean Apprentice, Bankable

"Working with John has been life-changing for me."

At the time I started working with John I was in the midst of some very negative personal circumstances. This included family separation, family bereavement and personal financial strain. I now know exactly what I have to offer both in a professional sense and in my personal relationships and I have employed what John has taught me to good effect.

Ralph Shorthose, Redhouse Bank
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