Building Team Alignment in an Ever-Changing Landscape

It's never been more important for teams to work collaboratively in an ever-changing work landscape. I’ll help you align your team so they can achieve success.

When teams grapple with complex personalities, change-resistant individuals, and disengagement, morale can take a hit leaving teams working unproductively. Team coaching inspires effective workflow, connectedness and impact by helping team members “think better" together.

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High-Performing Collaboration for Team Innovation

Addressing team challenges requires intentional initiatives that bring the team into alignment and adopting a culture that breaks down silos, opens communication and  switches things up with initiatives that boost team engagement. 

Aligning The Team 

High performance can truly take place when your team is aligned on a vision and clarity on what raising the bar and reinvention looks like. 

Increasing Group Intellect

I coach teams to understand their group dynamics and flourish together to meet current and future challenges.

Elevating  Manager Insights

I empower  Leaders to understand how to navigate the complexity of the team to maintain cohesion, alignment and focus.

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Maximum Connection Team Programme

Here's a quick overview of how my Maximum  Connection Team Programme will help propel your team forward through coaching designed to help you work together to move from a poorly connected group to a highly connected successful team.

Part 1: Reconnection and Synergy

The initial part of the programme begins by exploring who we are and how we synergise together as a team:


In our one-on-one sessions, we leverage the Clifton Strengths Assessment to amplify the team members' unique abilities and strengthen your confidence in the group 


Bring the team together for an in-depth face-to-face team coaching session to discuss ‘who am I, who are you and who are we’ and watch the connections take shape.

Part 2: Sustained Connection 


With renewed togetherness, we unite in ONE mission towards our future vision and shared goals. We also maintain the “fire” as the team moves forward.


We do this using a mix of engagement methods to keep the energy, motivation and connection alive. We also want to keep the learning front and centre to ensure the change is embedded in the group.

See a team session in action.

Your team will thank you for investing in our team programme. They’ll leave energised, inspired and empowered to work as a team towards the goals you have established

"Working with John has given me a safe space to talk and work with someone to keep my focused on my goals."

As well as talk through recent events and reflect and see how they can work towards the bigger picture. Thanks for your work.

Jeremy King
"I would recommend using John to anyone who works with a team and wants to understand why and how their team works best."

I’ve been working with John for about a year. Working with John has allowed me to understand how to get the get the most out of myself and my team, by utilising our strengths. This has allowed the business to steadily grow and develop.

Christian Caswell, Top Chiropractic
"I just wish I’d have met John years ago to have applied this knowledge in my previous businesses."

After working with John for a short period of time he helped me to understand not only my strengths, but also the parts of business I enjoyed. It is such a valuable insight that is being put to great use in my next venture.

Stuart Ploughman, Serial Entrepreneur

Getting started is simple


Book a call with me to discuss your challenges and team goals


Journey with your team through the process. 


Discover what your team is capable of over the course of 12 weeks. 

Align Your Team to
Achieve Collaborative Success.

Empower your team to work collaboratively in an ever-changing work landscape. I’ll help you align your team so they can achieve success.

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