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Coaching Leaders to Lead Strong, with Confidence & Authenticity

The most powerful place to start if you want change, is understanding and elevating your strengths not weaknesses. I help you step into the full ownership and deep self-knowledge of your strengths and guide you in leaning into more confidence. This allows you to operate at a higher level of clarity which leads to better leadership, delegation and decision making. 

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” - Warren Bennis


Visionary Planning for Strategic  Success 

You have high expectations and want to ensure your teams success, but are searching for the path to make your vision a reality. Being in the daily weeds can prevent you from having    the space to strategically plan and create the impact you want. 

I’ll help you transition from detail to big picture, helping you become more decisive around key strategies your success hinges on.                                    

How we do it

Propel both your leadership and team forward through executive coaching designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Discover Your Innate Talents

Whether you realise it or not, you have incredible gifts. I’ll help you uncover your natural strengths, hone them, and apply them in more impactful ways.

Strategise Your Vision 

We’ll delve into your vision and create the strategy and action plan, while also spotting potential obstacles but also fine-tuning your execution. 

Lead your team to Victory

I’ll support you along the journey of implementing your plans with your team and the wider business, including any rapid adjustments to ensure success.

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Common Leadership Challenges

Rising beyond the pressure

Navigating Expectations

Your decisions shape your organisation's success, and stakeholders are closely watching. Navigating their expectations demands a strategic touch, aligning organisational goals and stakeholder needs. I'll help manage this pressure, ensuring your decisions align with the business and stakeholders.

Getting Out of The Weeds 

Busy not productive? Being caught up in the day-to-day details harms productivity, growth, and team morale. If you're dealing with constant tasks, you lose sight of the bigger picture and strategic goals. As a coach, I'm here to guide you back to strategic focus.

Leading People

Navigating leadership, especially with a diverse team, is challenging. Balancing the needs and opinions of team members whilst creating harmonious work requires finesse. I can help offer insights, strategies, and unwavering support.

Competing Priorities 

Deadlines, team guidance, and strategic decisions all await your insight. ​​It's not just about managing tasks; it's about navigating a web of priorities, ensuring each thread contributes to the organisation's success. I’ll share tools to manage your priorities.

Leadership Team Misalignment

Misalignment can hinder success. Aligning goals is crucial because it causes everyone to pull in the same direction. When each leader understands the role they play along with clear expectations, they work more efficiently and are motivated to achieve the set goals. If your leadership team is misaligned, I can help you reach alignment. 

Imposter Syndrome 

Imposter syndrome can cast a shadow of doubt on your abilities and undermine your achievements. Over time this self-doubt can hinder your progression as a leader. It may stop you fully contributing because you constantly strive to meet unrealistic standards you've set for yourself. Through coaching we can address imposter syndrome which will be a crucial step to reclaiming your confidence and realising your full capabilities.

Maximum Leadership Impact Programme 

Here's a quick overview of how my Maximum  Leaders Impact programme will help you move from the daily grind to strategic success.

We create a step-by-step Strategic Plan while also spotting quick wins we can make early in your journey
We Implement the Plan to see huge changes in you leadership approach while making necessary adjustments along the way
We embed your new practices into your 'common sense' thinking  so they are easy to recall long after you’ve concluded the programme

"Coaching with John has given me renewed focus and confidence at a point in my career when I really needed it."

Though I’m used to solving complex and abstract problems for clients on a daily basis, working with John has been a genuine 1 + 1 = 3 moment for me in my professional and personal development. I feel John really understands what makes me “me” (and that’s no mean feat).

Martin Malins
"It felt like the good things I accomplished was luck and the rest I felt inadequate or like I was winging it."

Prior to my coaching with John I felt often lost at work. Now when I'm working I know my qualities and what skills I bring to the table. I can confidently bring something to my workplace and home life and feel huge confidence when I step forwards every day.

Dean Apprentice, Bankable
"Working with John has been life-changing for me."

At the time I started working with John I was in the midst of some very negative personal circumstances. This included family separation, family bereavement and personal financial strain. I now know exactly what I have to offer both in a professional sense and in my personal relationships and I have employed what John has taught me to good effect.

Ralph Shorthose, Redhouse Bank

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